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BLOODY GAMES Zanorg Mini Games © kek

Version française


You'll find on this page a lot of little bloody games that will make you nervous.
Well, it's their aim :)
All these games are coming from my blog (french), and put there.

Most of these games play with mouse or arrows of keyboard.
Click on the pictures to play !


Find the same color

Catch the good pills

Avoid obstacles

Find the star

Don't touch the wire

Avoid everything

Frog 2

Memory 2D

Kawashikek 6

Kawashikek 5

Kawashikek 4

Kawashikek 3

Kawashikek 2

Kawashikek 1

Jean-Patrick the bug


Are you Michael Jordan ?

Catch the butterfly

Move your mouse

Bloody memory

3D maze 2

3D maze

Bloody maze 2

Invisible maze

Invisible mouse

Bloody maze

Bloody keyboard

Happy new year 2005

Marble Madness

Puking snake

Bloody wheelmouse

Bloody golf

Bloody worm


Bloody maze

Bloody pool

Dancin' Michael

DOuble game

Double Pong

Space Bubble

Puking breakout

Poodle game

Turning maze

Become rich

Bloody path

Don't fall

Round Tron

Wille's game

Bloody puzzle

Bloody fan


Bloody cube

3D maze

Very annoying game


Version française