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You'll find on this page a lot of little irritating games that will make you nervous.
Well, it's their aim :)
All these games are coming from my blog, and put here.

Most of these games play with mouse or arrows of keyboard.
Click on the pictures to play !


New !

Irritating Games now on iPhone / iPad
and Android !



Kawashikek 6

Kawashikek 5

Am generator

Kawashikek 4

Irritating 3D maze

Jean-Patrick the bug

Tree generator

Irritating Basket ball

Pretty irritating game

Irritating game

Kawashikek 3

Tree generator

Kawashikek 2


Irritating fan

Micheline the frog

Kawashikek game

Puking puzzle

Irritating 3D

Catch the star


Become rich?


What kind of poodle are you ?

Double pong

Space Bubble

Dancing Michael

Double jeu

Irritating Maze


Worm game

Blur maze

Bouli Boula


Puking Snake


Kind of Marble Madness

Kind of Marble Madness 2

Happy new year 2005 !

Game for secretary

Invisible mouse

Irritating maze 1

Irritating maze 2

Irritating maze 3

3d Maze

3d Maze 2

Irritating Memory

Blip Machine

Catch the butterfly

Follow the square

Wille's game

Round Tron

Tree generator
(to destress with irritating games)

Tree generator
for non-gay people

Version française